TapZoid is approved and available on the App Store.

This app is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch and is compatible with the iPad. It supports upgraded graphics for retina based displays.

This app was created to bring a smile to your face. As you tap and create your own original art, you’ll be transported to a place that you loved when you were a kid. You’ll keep tapping to see what your creativity can dream up. Share it with your kids. They’ll love it too.

The object of TapZoid is to create whimsical art by touching areas of the screen to create an image with triangles and squares on a black or white background. Once your “Zoid” is complete, save it to your photo albums. Once there you can set it as wallpaper or email it to your friends and family.

This app was submitted on 12-8-2011 and available for sale on 12-12-2011.

If you would like to review this app for your website, periodical or other review/news outlet, please contact me for a promotional code at support@palomasoft.com.

iTunes Store link: View in App Store

Some sample images created on TapZoid: